Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron


When this album appeared in my inbox last week, my initial reaction was to ignore it. I did something I really shouldn’t do. I judged a book by its cover. Or in this case, a band by its name. I saw the name “Trucker Diablo”, heard Southern rock in my head, saw images of big trucks and thought ‘this isn’t for me.’ I’m not ashamed to admit I was wrong – about it not being for me. I don’t know what it was, but when I signed out of my email something told me to log back in, to open that email and listen to Songs of Iron. I’m glad I listened to my inner voice.

“Red Light On” opens the album in pure Southern rock n roll fashion. If you were wondering what ever happened to good old classic rock. It’s here. Songs of Iron is the perfect good time rock n roll album for beer drinking and BBQ cooking. There are plenty of songs about trucks and driving (Year of the Truck, Drive, Highway Radio) and of course each of those songs and more (Rock Hallelujah, I Wanna Party With You) are all about drinking, partying and rock.

Songs of Iron surprised me because there isn’t a single song on here that I don’t like. “Maybe You’re The One” slow things down a bit, and stops the flow of good time rock, but does it ruin the album? No. It’s a solid song that shows the band’s diversity. It’s not like they have chucked a piano ballad in the middle of the record. In fact, it features one of my favourite solos on the album.

The best thing about Trucker Diablo, isn’t the killer solos, catchy lyrics or good time feel – all of which are great – but the fact that these guys are from Ireland and have created some of the best Southern rock I’ve ever heard. Songs of Iron is a solid, classic rock n roll heavy hitter. So grab a beer, turn up the volume and enjoy this surprise hit of 2013.


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