Alison Moyet – The Minutes


Alison Moyet is best known as one half of synth-pop duo Yazoo. She has a stellar solo career, which has been going strong since 1984, and her latest record the minutes comes six years after The Turn.

Moyet exclaims in album opener “Horizon Flame” that “suddenly the landscape has changed.” She’s not lying. the minutes is a more experimental record for Moyet as she explores R&B beats, and dubstep rhythms. Producer Guy Sigworth’s influence is heard best on “Horizon Flame” with its Bjork-esque sound mixing strings with pulsating beats.

Straight away the album provides us with polar opposites. Second track in – “Changeling” is a sonic robotic R&B attack proving Moyet’s vocal strength and power in any environment. It’s got club culture written all over it, and is probably the closest modern sounding track on the record.

Moyet claims she avoided listening to anything while writing the minutes, and while she mixes in modern dubstep and electronic beats – it still sounds like nothing else on the market. Synth-pop of yesteryear can still be heard on the record – you can’t exactly ask a leopard to change its spots can you?

the minutes takes you on a pop-infused electronic journey swinging, often erratically, from dark to light, beautiful to haunting. “Right as Rain” is a dark dance floor hit over some of the punchiest bass you could ask for. “Love Reigns Supreme” follows immediately and instantly brightens the mood, while “Place To Stay” finds common ground in its beautiful, yet haunting presence.

“Rung By The Tide” runs on a slower tempo than the rest of the record, but is in no way any less charged. It takes the album out on a sombre, yet satisfying note.

Any track on the minutes would be at home in any night club around the world, and although she is 51 years old, you wouldn’t know from listening to this.


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