The Red Paintings – The Revolution Is Never Coming


Five years in the making, fans everywhere were surely growing less concerned with the revolution never coming, and more that this album wouldn’t get here. The revolution may never come, but the album finally drops on June 7th, and it is definitely worth the wait.

The Red Paintings are back – and I’m about to make a very bold statement – with what could be one of the best albums I’ve heard in years. Before you listen to this record, you must be prepared to enter an erratic world of pain, horror and dead hope. It’s a wild ride that will leave you spent, scared, and confused – but coming from the mind of Trash McSweeney, could you expect anything less?

“Vampires Are Chasing Me” is a whirlwind of synths, subtle vocals and a mix of samplings leading you into a false sense of security before jumping into the wild dissonance of layered vocals, and instruments that is the intro to “Dead Children.” Tracks such as “Dead Children,” “Rain,” and “The Revolution Is Never Coming” all appear on previous EPs, however they have been re-created here and sound brand new. Not just because of the better quality in production, but thanks to a 35-piece orchestra, and 22-person choir. Even the staple instruments – drums, guitar, cello and violin – have been amped up.

The orchestral art rock that The Red Paintings are known for is here, mixed among a variety of sounds and genres that amplifies the discord that is this record. “Wasps” has an industrial-metal vibe, with nothing happy to tell you, and vocal samplings that take you on a journey back in time to an ’80s sci-fi film. “Hong Kong” picks up the metal onslaught where “Wasps” left it, beating you senseless until you just can’t take anymore. “Deleted Romantic” then picks you up and dusts you off with the soft and caring nature of a ballad track.

It’s not over yet, though. “Rain” brings you back into the fight, before the title track knocks you well and truly out. The jarring sounds of sex and violence fill your speakers before the pounding drums kick in and McSweeney reminds us over and over that the revolution is never coming. The choir is best put to use here as they echo the album’s sentiment –  there will be no revolution, you instead have to the be the revolution you seek.

It takes a minute or two to compose yourself once The Revolution is Never Coming finishes. You’ll be left adrenalised, yet  exhausted, but in no way ready to give up. I’m pretty sure I’ve just witnessed a great moment in music history.


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