The Mis-Made – House of Cards EP


Sydney’s The Mis-Made recently released their EP House of Cards, and since the release of the title track, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the EP.

The title track is super catchy – the good kind of catchy, not the herpes kind of catchy – and just begs for repeat listens. I’m not usually a fan of pop/rock, but when it’s done this well, who can really deny it? Since I enjoyed this track so much, I was a little worried the EP would let me down – it didn’t.

It’s just four tracks long, it is an EP after all, but a full length album is expected next year, so there isn’t too much longer to wait. Like a good EP, House of Cards gives the listener a taste of what the band is capable of.

“House of Cards” and “Avalanche” prove they can handle pop/rock with ease, “Turning Around” highlights their ability to slow it down, bringing to mind everything I loved about the ’90s, while “Wrecking Ball” showcases that they aren’t afraid to get a little heavy – and they do it damn well.

After the title track, “Wrecking Ball” is probably the best on the EP. Its got a killer bass line, steller guitar solo, thunderous drums, and no matter how intense the instrumentation gets, Jess’ vocals never falter.

But then, just like that, it’s all over. It ends a little too soon, but that’s what happens with an EP. It did its job though; I’m more than ready for The Mis-Made album.

Check it out for yourself here:


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