The Impossible Girl – The Sky is Calling


It all started with a bang. A big bang.

The Impossible Girl’s second solo album, The Sky is Calling, is all about space – in case you missed the memo, and didn’t know already. And it couldn’t be more different to her debut release The Impossible Girl.

Where her debut was a little all over the place in terms of sounds and theme – not a necessarily a bad thing – The Sky is Calling has space on the brain. As soon as the sound of the Big Bang echoes through your speakers, you better be prepared for an intergalactic journey.

This isn’t just a simple matter of having space be the running theme of the album. Oh no. It’s so much more than that. The Impossible Girl wanted an album not just about space, but one that captured the essence of space, and humans in space. And that is exactly what she has done. To do so, visual data from space was put through an audio program, which translated these images into music. As The Impossible Girl said on her Kickstarter page “we will be dancing to the beat of the stars.”

The album sounds less futuristic than I expected for an album about space, in fact it has a rather ’80s new-wave sound to it. While we are taken back to the basic fundamentals of life with the primitive “Animal”. The first track “Stellar Alchemist” is a whirlwind of synths and layered vocals that stands strong as the anthem for the scientist loving pop fan. “Fix You Good” brings you back down to earth with its hypnotising rhythmic beats, before the title track blasts you straight back into the stratosphere.

That’s the rhythm of The Sky is Calling. It will take you on an otherworldly trip as it celebrates the wonders of space, science and technology, while at the same time remaining grounded to Earth. It’s not all about dance-friendly beats though. “Hand to Mouth”, “To Be Touched” and “Alien” drop the tempo, as the melancholic “Hand To Mouth” and “To Be Touched” capture the vast depth and rather lonely notion of space, and the haunting “Alien” explores the mysteries of the universe. This eerie track is among my favourites on the record, and you won’t forget the distorted vocals repeating “we are alien,” that takes out the song any time soon. Trust me.

The Sky is Calling is one of the most interesting pop/dance albums I’ve ever listened to, and it’s easy to understand why The Impossible Girl has said this was her favourite album she has ever made. So, are you ready to dance to the beat of the stars?


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