Interview with The Impossible Girl


You may know her as Kim Boekbinder, but her transformation into The Impossible Girl is well underway. Having just released her second solo album, “The Sky is Calling” after a very successful Kickstarter campaign, The Impossible Girl herself, took some time out to discuss how crowdfunding is both a rewarding – yet exhausting – method of creating a record, about the intergalactic journey that is her second album, and her love for Australia.

Performing under a stage name is certainly not uncommon in the world of music. Where did the name The Impossible Girl originate from?

The Impossible Girl came to me in a dream, fully formed and ready for action. She’s an everybody and a nobody. A specific entity that contains multitudes.

I’ve been noticing more and more that bands have been using crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter to create their albums. I’m a big fan of crowdfunding, fans really feel part of the process – while often getting cool perks – and it helps artists get their music out there when support from a label isn’t possible. How have you found your time using crowdfunding? Do you think it’s the future of the music industry?

Crowdfunding is certainly a great and interesting way to fund an album. But it is also exhausting. My Kickstarter was wonderfully successful, and I’m so grateful that I have so many supporters. But, I do sometimes wonder if the process of running the campaigns and doing the DIY fulfillment is also holding me back from doing bigger things because my energy is often on the small day to day business rather than “the art” like it would be in my fantasy world if I had something like a label.

Your second album The Sky is Calling is very different to your debut solo record. Can you explain the process and evolution between the albums?

My first solo album was very much me trying to find my voice as a solo artist. There are some acoustic songs in there that are holdovers from my days with my old band, Vermillion Lies. We were great, but it was time to move on. So that first album is half old style and half me finding a new voice. Whereas “The Sky is Calling” is completely new. it is built on a solid foundation of songwriting that I learned through my entire career, but it is better, by far, than anything I’ve done before. I’m so proud of this record.

The Sky is Calling is a space album, but space is more than just a running theme of the record. You enlisted the help of science advisors, and had images from space translated into audio. Why was it important to have this amount of accuracy on the record?

I love space, and I love learning. So part of the process for me is being inspired by learning new things. I wasn’t always going to be so open about the inspiration, because great art is great whether you know how it’s made or not. But we live in this age of transparency – which I thoroughly enjoy – and I decided to share where I got all the sounds and ideas.

I also hope to inspire curiosity.

You have been working on videos for the album. How has that been going?

Two new videos are launching very very soon! They are very different from each other, one is a gritty and sexy and has a ton of my hot friends dancing around, the other video is a gorgeous and shiny pop epic made by Jim Batt who makes many of my videos – that one will seriously knock the socks off of anyone who likes shiny things.

Stepping away from talking about the album for a second. “I Have Your Heart” had its festival premier at The Sydney Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Animation and Best Dirtector. What was that like for yourself, Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt?

It’s very gratifying to have your art accepted into a major festival. The song is very old for me so I feel quite distanced from it, but the animation is a glorious masterpiece and I’m so proud of the three of us for making something so lovely together.

You’re no stranger to Australia. You held a residency at The Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne throughout April last year, where I also believe you were working on The Sky is Calling. And you played a few special house party gigs at the beginning of the year. What role did Australia play in the creation the album? And can we expect to see you touring the record on our shores?

I love Australia! And I am in love with the aforementioned Australian, Jim Batt. So I spend a lot of time in your country. I wrote most of “The Sky is Calling” while I was in Melbourne last year. Being there makes me so happy. I will certainly be back when your weather warms up.

Do you have any famous last words?

Not yet.


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