Interview with The Defiled


Thanks to a little publication known as Metal Hammer, The Defiled’s debut record got in the hands of 50,000 metal heads. They’ve been called “saviours of UK metal”, and shared the stage with the likes of Dragonforce, Ghost and Gojira, while a tour with Motionless In White is just around corner. And of course their second album “Daggers” is set for release next month, and will be their first release since their newly signed deal with Nuclear Blast. Vocalist and guitarist Stitch D took some time out to discuss all of this, and more.

You have been heralded as “saviours of UK metal,” as well as one of modern metal’s new hopes. What goes through your mind when you hear people describing The Defiled in that way?

It’s an honour to be talked about in that way and it means that everything we’ve put into this band and sacrificed throughout the years haven’t been in vein. Also means we have to live up to it, which I think, keeps us on our toes and striving to be better as a band.

The first thing I noticed about the band was that your look is quite at odds with the style of music you play. When I first saw photos the words emo and screamo echoed through my brain. I must say I was shocked – but pleased! – when I heard your music that my initial thoughts were wrong. No one likes to be judged, but sadly it happens. Do you worry that you’ll miss out on fans because they won’t listen to your music if they come to a conclusion based on your look? Or is it more of a “their loss” kind of attitude?

Oh if people judge us on our look and don’t think to even give the music a chance then fuck em quite frankly. Metal kids can be unbelievably judgmental nowadays and never seem to be happy with the look of any band. Look at all the stick BMTH get. I do understand that there is a lot of style over substance bands out there nowadays (naming no names) but we believe that fans are supposed to be entertained when they go to watch a show. There’s no fun in watching a band wearing Iron Maiden t-shirts banging their heads for an hour with no stage show at all…We take our cue from artists like Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Rammstein and Rob Zombie. I remember going to see those bands as a kid and being blown away and knowing that I was getting my ticket moneys worth. Did those guys get as much stick back in the day as bands with a look are getting today? I doubt it…The internet has given everyone a voice. Sometimes that’s a good thing but sometimes its just given close minded people the chance to bitch and judge. We look like this every day and our stage personas are just an extension of who we are as people. If people aren’t into it then that’s up to them but you should never judge a book by its cover.

You had a lot of success with the Jager tour. How did the support from Jager come about?

They actually came to us which was cool, we were out for our guitarist Aaron’s birthday and we just got an email come through just after we had just done a round of Jager shots offering us a deal. They were the first people to believe in our band and support us. Without them we probably wouldn’t be where we are today to be honest. Plus now we get to drink a lot of Jager all the time which is a bonus! 🙂

You’ve recently signed a world wide deal with Nuclear Blast. How did that relationship come together?

We had been speaking to Monte Connor for quite a while when he was at Roadrunner and he had always been into our band. He had been talking to Jason Suecof who was doing our record in Florida and he said he was moving to another label and wanted first dibs on us. Turned out he was moving to Nuclear Blast which was awesome news for us. As they say, the rest is history. They’ve been amazing to work with so far and are pushing us to the next level that we wouldn’t have been able to do without them.

You used PledgeMusic to fund Daggers. Why did you choose to crowdfund? What was your experience doing an album this way?

For us it was the perfect way to fund recording Daggers, We had no label behind us and were totally skint as a band. If you have any fanbase then it can work. It’s becoming harder and harder for bands to survive nowadays as labels just don’t have as much money to put into bands like they used to. I still can’t believe it actually worked and we were able to make our target.

We’ll just backtrack a bit it your debut album Grave Times. It was released for free as a cover mount on an issue of Metal Hammer, which obviously helped get the album into a lot more people’s hands. How did that opportunity arise?

We had already finished the record and it was going around labels and Hammer came to us with the idea of putting it on the cover. This was the first time they had done it but we knew that getting it into the hands of 50,000 metal heads was definitely a good idea. Still really glad we did that.

I read that the deluxe edition of Grave Times had more pre-orders than the Rob Zombie, and Foo Fighter records, I can’t imagine how great that would make you feel.

Oh it was amazing…I’m a ridiculously huge fan of Foo Fighters and were my favorite band growing up (I’m even listening to them while I write this) so to have more pre-orders than them was an honour. I wish we had sold as many as them once it was released though! haha!

What can people expect from the new album, Daggers?

It’s cheesy to say as every band under the sun says it when they have a new record coming out, but it’s just a better, more grown up album. It’s a better produced and more polished record. We haven’t changed our sound, the songs are a lot more to the point this time around though as we kinda waffled on a bit with ‘Grave Times’.

You’ve been named as main support for the Motionless In White UK tour, and you’ve shared the stage with many great bands. Who has been you’re favourite to tour with?

I’d say music wise it was awesome to tour with Ghost and Gojira as I have a lot of love and respect for both those bands and am a massive fan of both. Dragonforce were by far the coolest and nicest band we’ve ever toured with though. Loveliest dudes you could ever meet, plus a load of drunks which made it fun!

With the recent world wide signing to Nuclear Blast, does that mean Australian fans could see you guys play soon?

Very soon hopefully 😉 I’ve always wanted to visit Australia but never had the chance to so I can’t wait to have the opportunity to tour there and see it properly!


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