The Defiled – Daggers

The Defiled - Daggers - Artwork

The Defiled have been called many things, one of them being the saviours of British metal. It’s a title they’ve worn since their debut release Grave Times, but with the bar raised so high already, can The Defiled continue filling such large shoes?

Despite the success gained from Grave Times its biggest criticism was its lack of variety. Their second album Daggers opens much like its debut, with eerie samples creating an unsettling atmosphere before diving into the chunky riffs and tight drums we’ve all come to love. The Defiled are definitely a breath of fresh air from the carbon-copy bands that seem to be flooding the metal world as of late, but even with a record as polished as Daggers variety seems to be an issue.

Don’t get me wrong, Daggers is a good album with plenty of solid tracks (Sleeper, Saints and Sinners, As I Drown, New Approach). The best thing about the record lies in its subtlety. Yes the riffs are huge, the bass lines thick and drums a driving force to be reckoned with, but underneath it all lies a slick layer of subtle synths that gives each track a depth it otherwise could not achieve.

Much like their debut, after the first few songs each track bleeds into the next so it’s hard to tell when a song ends and a new one begins. The second last track “Five Minutes” breaks things up with its stripped down almost-acoustic style that is reminiscent of Grave Times’ album closer, “Final Sleep”. Rather than close the album out with the softer “Five Minutes” The Defiled pick you up for a final one-two punch and Daggers says its goodbyes with “No Place Like Home.”

You may not hear a lot of variety in Daggers’ 44-minute run time, but The Defiled continue to rise, providing a brutal record with sing-along choruses, melodic hooks and atmospheric subtle synths. They are still leaps and bounds above other bands in the genre, making Daggers worth adding to your record collection.


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