Alison Avron – By Your Side EP


I was first introduced to Alison Avron earlier this year when I went to The Newsagency – which she runs – for Helen Perris’s birthday show. Alison Avron performed that night and despite being a short set, it was one of the most entertaining I’ve seen.

Avron knows how to take control of an entire room with just her voice and her piano, not to mention how to have fun while performing. It is evident in her lyrics, particularly “Imaginary Boyfriend” which can be found on her new EP, By Your Side, that she knows how to laugh at herself, but also when to take life a little more serious. “Will You Be My Lover” shows off Avron’s more serious side, while still maintaining a rather jaunty melody.

Capturing that live presence on record can be difficult. The songs sometimes fail to have the same vibe when played through a CD player, or I guess MP3 player these days, than they do live. Avron manages to recreate the humour and fun-time vibes on her EP that you feel when seeing her perform.

This four-track EP – well three, the fourth track is a clean version of “Imaginary Boyfriend” – is a taste of what to expect when Avron releases her full length record in 2014. In just three tracks, it highlights the scope of what Avron is capable of, leaving us begging for that full length album.

It’s music that just makes you happy – what more could you ask for?


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