Blues Pills – Devil Man EP

Blues Pills - Devil Man - Artwork

Listening to Blues Pills’ EP Devil Man feels like entering a time machine and going back to the ’60s. You would be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a supergroup straight from the bygone era, but you would also be wrong.

Blues Pills is made up of Elin Larsson (vocals), Cory Berry (drums), Dorian Sorriaux (guitar) and Zack Anderson (bass), and they are all just babies in their early twenties, no-one more than Sorriaux who is barely out of high school at just 17. Blues Pills have been described as sounding like Janis Joplin jamming with Led Zeppelin with dash of Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix, and there really is no better comparison.

The title track opens the EP with Larsson’s explosive vocals, and some of the best blues rock ‘n’ roll this side of the ’70s. At just 17 minutes Devil Man is full of unrelenting groove and killer solos topped with a late ’60s early ’70s psychedelic sound. “The River” slows things down a bit, showing that Blues Pills have a delicate side too, while “Dig In” mixes the heavy with that softer sound, while “Time is Now” is just all about the groove, plain and simple.

Close your eyes and Devil Man will transport you to a time long gone. A time I was never apart of, but that doesn’t matter, neither were the geniuses behind this killer EP. Don’t let their age put you off though, Blues Pills know what they are doing. They’ll guide you through a musical experience most thought was dead and buried, but Blues Pills have revived it, providing one of the most interesting releases this year.


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