Mystery – 2013

Mystery - 2013

Teenagers and hair metal don’t really seem compatible, but Mystery – Australia’s youngest international touring band – are ready to throw that idea out the window.

These kids have resurrected hair metal and are taking the world by storm. Selling out tours across the world, it’s time Australia took some stock in these guys. Mystery is made up of four teenagers: Rocky Ravic (Vocals/Lead guitar), Kristian Iaccino (Guitar/Back vocals), Josh Scarpaci (Bass/back vocals), Tony Mlikota (Drums), and their debut album 2013 will surely cause jealousy among seasoned musicians.

These guys may be too young to have lived through the ’80s, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t grow up with the likes of Twisted Sister, Dio, Alice Cooper, Poison, Sebastian Bach – all of who, and more, can be heard as heavy influences throughout the record.

The lyrics are little cheesy, but hey that’s what makes hair metal great, and these boys wield their instruments with such finesse it’s hardly a point of contention. 2013 is one killer solo after another, vocals that are in stark contrast to Rocky’s 17 years on this planet, solid bass lines and heavy, authoritative drums.

Album highlight “Raise Your Fist” has classic ’80s anthem written all over it, and an album in the vein of ’80s metal just wouldn’t be complete without a ballad track, and that’s where “Nonstop To Nowhere” comes in.

2013 closes with two covers, the first a tribute to Dio with “Stand Up and Shout”, and while Mystery might be kicking ass and taking names overseas, they clearly haven’t forgotten where they come from, as their rendition of Men At Work’s “Land Down Under” takes the album out.

This is a great album that I expect will be the cause of a hair metal renaissance, but Mystery’s influences do run a little thick on the record. It’s obvious with this debut that these guys are talented musicians, but I do hope with their next release they add a more personal touch to the album.


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  1. Finally the boys are getting noticed at home. Thanks Christine. Keep in mind that they were only 13 and 14 when this album was being recorded and a new one is already in the can. Be on the lookout in early 2014.

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