One-Eyed Doll – Monster (ReMonstered)


One-Eyed Doll is made up of just two people: Kimberly (vocals/guitar) and Junior (drums). They’ve been around for several years now, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I started listening to them – and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The album Monster was originally recorded in 2008 with Junior as producer, in his modest bedroom studio. A year later, Junior joined the band, and with Monster becoming what many consider the definitive One-Eyed Doll album filled with fan favourites, it was only right to re-record with Junior on drums.

The polish and production values are a definite improvement from the 2008 release, with Monster (ReMonstered) now being on par with the standard that One-Eyed Doll are at now. While the quality has improved, it is not over-produced, so it is still the Monster we all know and love, just sounds crisper.

Elements have also been added to a few songs giving them a brand new feeling, and One-Eyed Doll recorded their very first cover song, “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen as a bonus track. “Be My Friend” is noticeably different with colourful asides from Kimberly as she comments on moments in the song.

One-Eyed Doll’s version of “I Am A Viking” has a more ’80s synthpop/electronica feel than the power metal original, which makes it such a great cover. It would just be weird if One-Eyed Doll busted out a full-on power metal tune, and a carbon copy would just boring.

One-Eyed Doll are one of the most interesting bands I’ve heard in awhile. Having a rather bi-polar personality they go from sincere, serious tracks (“Brief Candle”, “Pretty Song”, “Monster”) to fun, almost manic songs (“Be My Friend”, “PAO”, “We’re One-Eyed Doll”). That is one of the things I love about One-Eyed Doll, you just never really know what to expect, or what they’ll hit you with. “Bullimia” could fit in the manic song category, but is about a serious subject. The lyrics are both funny, yet confronting. One-Eyed Doll are masters at making you feel uncomfortable, while having fun. It can be a bit of a mind-fuck, though a good one.

Monster (ReMonstered) may just be an old album remastered, but it’s worth it. Fans will love hearing polished versions of their favourites, and it is a great place for any new fans to start.

One-Eyed Doll recently released a music video for “Be My Friend”, which can be viewed below.


2 responses to “One-Eyed Doll – Monster (ReMonstered)

  1. Hi Christine-
    I am the PR Rep for One-Eyed Doll. They loved your review and would love to do an interview with you. Please email me at Once again, thank you for the kind words. Kimberly is excited you are on board and liked the Be My Friend video!

    -Crystal Lynne
    Ignite PR

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