Helen Perris – Oneiro EP


Helen Perris funded her first EP Flesh through Pozible, and took to the croudfunding platform again for her follow up release, Oneiro. Once again she was successful in reaching her goal, and those who pledged have been given an early digital release of the EP.

From the opening bell tolls of “All I Know” it becomes strikingly clear this is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor Flesh. Don’t get me wrong, I love Helen’s first EP, but Oneiro really sees her come into her stride as a recording artist. Helen’s voice at points sounded strained in Flesh, but here it remains forceful and clear without sounding under pressure.

I was first introduced to Helen Perris earlier this year, where I discovered in a short period of time Helen had the power to make you laugh one second, and be close to tears the next. Her 4-track EP, Oneiro is no exception. The strings in “Damaged” add level of depth to an already beautiful and emotion track, while a track later “Dancing Around The Subject” will have you laughing, and shaking your head as you instantly liken it to people in your own life.

The arrangement for “Dancing Around The Subject” has been fleshed out from the live version, with a piano lead that would probably normally be played on guitar. It’s a great and interesting choice, making the track a highlight.

“Demophobia”, a song about fearing large crowds, completes the EP on a high note. The track is amusing in a being able to laugh at yourself kind of way, but Oneiro comes to a close all too soon.

With two EPs under her belt, I hope Helen’s next release is a full length record. I can only imagine the kind of journey Helen would be able to take the listener on with twelve tracks instead of just four.


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