Caitlin Park

Milk Annual

I was tagged in a post by Helen Perris put on Facebook. The post was an open challenge for people to find female artists on Triple J Unearthed, listen to the music and write about it. And so I accepted.

I scrolled through the list of artists until the name Caitlin Park caught my eye. I don’t know what made me stop there, but I did, and so I clicked on to her page and listened to the three tracks available.

Park appears to fall under the genre ‘folktronic’ a term I had never heard before, so I decided listening to something new to me would be fun. It would appear my instincts were correct and I stumbled upon an interesting artist from Sydney, Australia.

As I listened to the three tracks on Triple J Unearthed I jumped on Google and did a quick search for Caitlin Park. I quickly learned that she has a love for classic films. This became evident during “I Am A Night Bird” which samples “I am a night bird, I am not much good in the day time” from the 1967 film, The Fearless Vampire Killers.

In just three tracks (Baby Teeth, Warriors With Wild Hearts, I Am A Night Bird) the complexities and unique nature of Park is strikingly obvious. I’m still not entirely sure what ‘folktronic’ is, but Park adheres to the peaceful, folksy tones of other indie/folk artists, though adds something extra. With jarring rhythms, copious samples and layers of sound to delve through, Caitlin Park is someone you need to listen to again and again to get the complete picture.

Caitlin Park’s debut album Milk Annual was released in 2011, and yes I may be a little late to the party, but I’m off to get myself a copy.


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