Kim Boekbinder (5-3-2014)


Wednesday nights aren’t usually very eventful. Well, for me anyway. These days they tend to just involve TAFE homework, but Kim Boekbinder, aka The Impossible Girl, made things exciting again. At least for one night.

Returning to Sydney The Impossible Girl was ready to take us on an electro-pop space journey, and she didn’t come alone. Jim Batt was her trusty co-pilot lending awesome projections to the music. Never competing for attention, both the projections and music complemented each other, allowing us to truly escape into the music.

Live music is a shared experience between performer and audience, and that is why The Newsagency was the perfect venue for the show. The Newsagency seats about 40 on old primary school chairs, so you know things are going to get intimate. And the best part? Everyone is obviously there for the music. Unlike a pub which is likely to have more people there for the alcohol, The Newsagency’s top priority is music.

Back to the show though. The Impossible Girl emerged in her best space finery complete with blue wig and light up shoulder pads – which I now would like a pair of. Just like her latest album, The Sky is Calling, it started with The Big Bang before she played the album in its entirety. For the first couple of songs we all sat and absorbed the music, with Batt’s projections rocketing us to space, then bringing us back to earth on the precipice of a waterfall, or the beauty of an opening flower – but then it was time to dance.

When told it was dance time we all got up, moved the chairs to the side and busted a move. We were all pretty uncoordinated, but it didn’t matter. No one was there to judge, we were all just there for a good time. One of the best moments of the night came during the repeated mantra of “You will be fierce, you will be fragile, you will be free” of “Planet 216” when myself and another made some sweet dance moves to go with the lyrics, that caught on pretty quickly.

One of my favourite parts of seeing The Impossible Girl perform, is how she seems to build the song right there on the stage. The backing vocals are not pre-recorded and played, she loops them from her live vocals. I saw it for the first time last year, and I still find it awe-inspiring.

While the songs that had us all up and moving were fun, “Hand To Mouth” was a highlight as the emotion that comes out when performed live just can’t be replicated on a record, and set closer “Laika, Goodnight” surely left some people with wet eyes. But, the mood was brought back around with The Impossible Girl thanking us all, and coming off the stage for hugs from everyone.

There is nothing quite like an intimate gig. Being so close to the music. The way the performer can more closely interact with the audience in-between songs, and there were no primadona’s here. Both Kim and Jim made the effort to chat to everyone who was there. It was an amazing gig, and although playing The Sky Is Calling in full, it still felt too short – with Kim herself sounding surprised as the last song was approaching. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and I shall have to wait until The Impossible Girl returns.


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