Headbore – Strength in Numbers

Headbore - Strength in Numbers

As a music genre metal is one of those either all in or all out deals. At least to me, that’s how it seems most people feel about the genre. I’m a fan of metal. But I wouldn’t say I’m all in. There is a lot of metal that I can’t stand to listen to. When I’m being yelled at and not even able to decipher what is being said, with absolutely no break from the aggression, I get bored. I don’t listen to music to be abused, I’d rather not spend 40 or so minutes being a torn a new one. But hey, some people are into that and that’s great too.

But it is because of the above that Headbore’s Strength in Numbers is the kind of metal that I like. Before you freak out, there is plenty of aggression. Adam Fisher still spends a great deal of time yelling at me, Adam Day’s drumming certainly knocks some sense into me with Chris Ward and Luke Fisher there to tear me a new one with their killer guitar work. But, when Dan Sloan isn’t hammering his bass working with Day on knocking that sense into me, his groove laden bass lines mixed with the melodious guitars and the occasional clean vocals provide balance to all that aggression.

These Adelaide guys have set the bar high with their debut, and when Jens Bogren – you know, the guy who has mastered Opeth, Soilwork, Devin Townsend to name a few – is handling the mastering of the album you can be sure that it’s going to be tight. It’s certainly a quality debut record, but it seems safe to say that Headbore will be able to rise above it with future releases.

There really isn’t a weak track on the album, but the title track’s melodic intro certainly makes it a favourite, with “Trenches”, “PIGS” and “Walk Away” sitting at the tracks I enjoy the most. No real reason behind it, just my personal taste. As I said, every track is a stand out track, there are no weak links here.

Strength in Numbers is available through http://www.headbore.bigcartel.com/.


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