Toehider – What Kind of Creature Am I?

What Kind of Creature Am I

The decision to listen to Toehider came simply from someone tweeting that What Kind of Creature Am I?  was one of the best albums they ever heard. I thought that was a pretty strong statement to make, and so had to listen to it for myself. Apparently they are prog rock, but I don’t really think they can be so easily placed into a category, and if I had to put them somewhere, it wouldn’t be there. Not sure where I would put Toehider, but there is too much going on in What Kind of Creature Am I? to be so easily categorised.

That being said, this is my first experience with Toehider, and haven’t listened to previous albums yet so perhaps it is just this record that has a less than prog rock feel. Instead, What Kind of Creature Am I? is an eclectic mixed bag of fun. For the most part it’s crazy and entertaining, but then there are tracks like “Spoilt For Choice” where the tempo slows and things get a little more serious. This is immediately followed by the Queen-esque “Woah” which, while it definitely has an up beat tempo, the lyrics are the exact opposite.

I know I’m repeating myself, but I can’t stress enough how much is going on here. So much so that you can’t properly take everything in with one listen – or ten for that matter. “The Thing With Me” sounds like something I’ve heard before, but for the life of me can’t place – perhaps some kind of super hero theme song, or children’s cartoon (not for it’s lyrical content). And then there’s “Meet The Sloth” that sounds like it belongs in a rock opera, the classic rock feel of “Under The Future, We Bury The Past” and the flat out party atmosphere of “Whatever Makes You Feel Superior.”

What Kind of Creature Am I? can only be described as organised chaos. No two songs seem like they should appear on the same album, but they do and it just works. Considering how much is going on here you’d think there were a team of people putting this together, but no. It’s all Mike Mills. I’m going on record and calling him a musical genius.

Closing on the craziest note with “Geese Lycan”, complete with death metal growls, metal guitar and a fun play on Grease Lightning; you’re bound to be a little rattled, but all you can do is listen to the whole album again.

When I saw someone say this was the best album they ever heard I was sceptical. And after my first listen, I wasn’t convinced. But then after the third, fourth, fifth time, when I started noticing different things with each listen, I was hooked. This is definitely up there as one of the best albums ever made.

Don’t believe me? You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.


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