Butcher Babies – Uncovered (EP)

Butcher Babies - Uncovered (EP)

The latest EP to come out of the Butcher Babies camp consists of just five songs, all of which are covers. At first I was a little put off. Then I heard the EP and I changed my tune pretty quickly.

Each member of the band chose a song they wanted to cover and that is how the track list for Uncovered was created. No one is safe from the Butcher Babies as they take on the likes of ZZ Top, The Osmonds and novelty songs we all thought we’d never hear of again. Covers are such a hit miss. It’s not uncommon for a band to throw a cover as a final track on an album, but more times than not it’s just a little something extra. Not the whole basis of a record. But Butcher Babies aren’t here to be conventional and they have given us nothing but covers. And it’s a hit.

Every track on the record has been given the Butcher Babies treatment so they succeed on making these tracks their own, rather than trying to just sound like the original band. Personally, I never understood covers that just sound like carbon copies of the original. If you’re going to cover a song, give it some kind of twist otherwise I’m sticking to the original. So that’s a big tick right there in Butcher Babies favour.

Novelty song “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” is a highlight, mainly because of how sinister Butcher Babies have made the song. The original was silly, and while it still had that element of genuine craziness to it, Butcher Babies really bring out the pure insanity of the track. It’s not really a novelty song now that Butcher Babies have had their way with it. More like and ode to the mentally unhinged. It’s kind of frightening, and it’s brilliant. The cover of The Osmonds “Crazy Horses” would be the other highlight also because of just how heavy and kind of malevolent they’ve made the track. It was a departure for the Osmonds when they released it, taking on a heavier rock sound than their other material, and Butcher Babies then went and made it heavier.

It’s only five songs, and it only runs for 14 minutes, but it’s a great EP. And to be honest, I’m still shocked to be saying that because I never thought an EP of nothing but covers would do it for me. But there’s a first for everything. Kudos Butcher Babies.


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