Alice Sweet Alice – Singles

Alice Sweet Alice-Singles

I had never heard of Alice Sweet Alice until Twitter. Well, I knew the B-grade movie starring Brooke Shields that the band is named after, but they are two completely different things, now aren’t they?

Anyway, Alice Sweet Alice followed me on Twitter and then sent me a link to an album they have online that they are giving away for free, so I thought I’d listen to it. The album isn’t really an album, it’s five singles that they’ve released together, but it still works.

As I had never heard of them before I thought I would do a quick Google search on them, and I kept finding people say they sound like Evanescence. I don’t agree. A female vocalist does not an Evanescence sound-alike band make. The music has a classic rock feel with some killer bass lines, and some of the tracks feature an underlying ’80s styled synth.

Alice Sweet Alice are one of those bands that sound familiar, but also like nothing you’ve heard before. I don’t really know how that works, but it happens and Alice Sweet Alice are proof of it. As I listen to each track I get the name of a similar sounding band on the tip of my tongue, but as I try to name it, I can’t. It sounds like something else, but it just can’t be identified because when you start naming bands you think, “oh, wait maybe not.”

I’ve been listening to the five singles on a loop for quite some time now, and as a taste for someone who has never heard the band before, this is pretty perfect. So why not head over to their Bandcamp page and listen for yourself? What have you got to lose, it’s free after all, and you may just discover a new band to add to your arsenal. I know I did.

Oh and for the record, they are better than Evanescence.


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