Arcane Saints – In The Shade Of The Juniper

In the shade of the juniperMusic is everywhere. There really is no avoiding it. As a lover of music, that’s great. But it can also be kind of a bad thing. Radio and TV is usually a saturated market of Top 40 nonsense (which I try to avoid as best I can), and the internet is just full of…everything. New music is always being uploaded to the internet; somewhere, someone is always creating, how do you listen to it all? Or wade through it to find what you really want to hear?

Luckily for me I get press-releases from a range of PR notifying me of new bands, new albums, upcoming projects, etc. But even then, it doesn’t mean I am keeping up to date with everything. Take Arcane Saints for example. This Melbourne based rock-outfit have released an album prior to the EP In The Shade of the Juniper and have been ripping it up in the U.S, but I am only hearing about all of this now. I suppose better late than never, right?

Having yet to listen to Turning The Tide my first experience with Arcane Saints is their six-track EP In The Shade of the Juniper, and it’s a pretty great way to be introduced to the band. At no point in the EP does it ever sound over produced, creating a raw, natural sounding record. It’s been a while since Australia has produced top quality rock and roll, and Arcane Saints are here to deliver the sound that’s been missing from Australia’s musical exports as of late. And the best part of it all, it’s hard-hitting, catchy rock and roll without the cheesy lyric factor.

Arcane Saints are here to create a good time rock and roll album with heavy tracks like “Juniper”, the ’90s grunge sound of “Streetlights & Symphonies”, but they also have important messages to share with the world, as heard in “Faith and the Faithless.” The entire EP has a ’90s alternative rock feel to it, especially the fun time rock and roll closer “See You In The Summertime”. And while Arcane Saints have shown they can rock just as hard as the next band, the EP takes an abrupt turn with “Cellophane Eyes” as the tempo drops and we have a soft, ballad-esque track, showing that the boys aren’t without their sensitive side.

Any of these tracks could fit nicely on the radio, but would they fit nicely on radio of today, or radio of say 10 or 15 years ago? I’m sure they have found themselves on rotation on heavy rock radio stations, but mainstream? Sadly, I don’t think mainstream radio wants music like this anymore. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. In The Shade of the Juniper is a great EP, and should be on your own personal music rotation if you like high-energy, fun rock and roll that has a little more to say than “let’s get drunk and do it”.



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