Dog The Duke – The Breaker EP

Dog The Duke - The Breaker EPNo matter how many times it happens, there is always something magical about stumbling upon a new band and just thinking “wow…”

It often leaves you speechless. You know you like it. In fact, in quick time you already love it. But when people ask why, you can’t put it into words. As a music reviewer, I suppose that shouldn’t happen. But it does.

And it did when I found Dog The Duke’s EP The Breaker on BandCamp. At just four songs (well, 3 with a remix of “When The Sky Falls”) it quickly grabs and holds your attention.

After listening to it on repeat for most of the day, I realised that probably what I like most about The Breaker is the fact that it is not pretentious. Dog The Duke are not trying to prove anything. They aren’t pandering to anyone. They have just created some awesome funk/blues rock that has a whole lot of soul. And it’s great.

Dog The Duke is definitely full of funk but there is something extremely peaceful about this EP. While the instrumentation has you toe tapping on a soulful funk rock journey, the vocals will cover you like a warm blanket.

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