Kim Boekbinder – Solstice Songs: For Dark Days

Solstice Songs For Dark DaysAssociating music with a time in your life, or a day, or just a single moment is not uncommon. In fact, it is one of the great things about music. The way pressing play on a song, or an album, can so easily transport you to another time in your life. Can allow you to so easily recall those moments and play them out like a movie in your head. It’s not Kim Boekbinder’s songs exactly that transport me to a time in my life, but rather Kim Boekbinder herself. You see, for me, summer and Kim Boekbinder go hand in hand. From what I can tell she is living the dream and chasing the summer; finding herself in Australia for most of the summer period for a variety of reasons.

The couple of times I have seen Kim Boekbinder live it was summer.  The first time I ever heard anything by Kim Boekbinder it was summer. And so as the blissful heat of summer started to make itself known, my first thought was: “I really feel like going to a Kim Boekbinder gig.” It also just seems so perfect to me that Boekbinder released new songs in December – the first month of summer.

Solstice Songs: For Dark Days isn’t exactly a summer party anthem and probably won’t really fit as background music to your summer barbecue – but damn is it good! I know a lot of people hate hearing when music is described as haunting – but I just can’t think of a way to describe the three tracks here. Boekbinder’s last release The Sky Is Calling had an ’80s new wave sound that begged you to be up on your feet – more an album you would play at a summer barbeque. But Solstice Songs: For Dark Days is the kind of music I would listen to alone. Where Boekbinder reminds me of summer, this reminds me of winter. With every listen I am transported into an adequately lit room, with the most comfortable reading chair in the middle, rain gently falling outside, and me sitting in that chair, with Solstice… playing, while I read. Alone.

“Straight To The Sun” has a little more of an upbeat feel, but that fuzz undertone really sets you in the mood for a peaceful, dark winter day. As the last song, perhaps it was intentional. “Dreamsong” opens Solstice… with a strong dark feel, with “The Jewel At The Heart of Everything” changing the mood slightly, and “Straight To The Sun” ending on the “happier” note. Is Boekbinder perhaps telling us that no matter how dark the day, happiness can still be found?

Whatever message you take from Solstice… I suggest you listen and discover for yourself soon, as it will only be on Bandcamp for a limited time before it becomes a subscriber only release.


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