September Mourning – Volume 1

September Mourning Voume 1September Mourning’s EP Volume 1 was released a couple of months ago, but I am only just getting acquainted with it. Hailed as a “transmedia dark culture project”, September Mourning are more than just your average band.

Going into Volume 1 I had never heard of September Mourning, so I had no preconceived ideas of what I expected from the EP. Going in with a blank slate is often one of the best ways to listen to a record. There aren’t the opinions of others clouding my view, or personal expectations affecting how I hear the record.

It was necessary however, to read up a bit about the band and get a sense of what they are doing. Alongside this EP, a comic was released that is all part of the story told. It reminds me of Karen Stever’s Idiot Savant – and how the album, music videos and upcoming book bring the story to life through a variety of mediums. The one difference here being that (if I understand correctly) September Mourning plan to continue to grow the one story through music, comics and other art projects.

Volume 1 is a great EP for new listeners. While September Mourning appear to have their fingers in a lot of pies, the six songs on offer prove that they have the ability to put time and effort into all aspects of their project, not letting anything falter. For most of us, trying to do too much leaves some projects not getting the attention they need/deserve. Luckily, September Mourning appear to be more than adept at multitasking.

This is a strong EP for September Mourning. Voulume 1 has strong production value, sounds great and is well written. Intensity is high for just six songs and the energy runs deep. Volume 1 proves itself without being brash or aggressive for the sake of attention. September Mourning have a found a great balance, that sets the atmosphere for what’s to come.

And while September Mourning offer a unique experience – with the comics, theatrical stage show and album all playing important roles to the storytelling – I felt it often sounded too much like In This Moment. In This Moment may be an influence – I don’t know for certain – there are just times on the record where the vocals sound very Maria Brink-esque. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (In This Moment are great) but perhaps a more unique sound would be nice.

September Mourning are still a new band, finding their place and gaining traction. Volume 1 however, shows that musically they can hold their own – and as the project grows with art, theatre and more music – you can expect wonderful things to come.



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