Forever Still – Tied Down

Forever Still Tied DownAfter hearing that Forever Still’s Tied Down “crosses genre boundaries”, and was described as being “full of enchanting beauty”, I thought I should definitely give them a listen.

Unfortunately, it would appear what I read over sells the album just a bit. Tied Down is not a bad album, it just seems like more of the same to me. Being new to Forever Still, I hadn’t listened to any of their previous releases and when I found out the first 6 songs were taken from two previous EPs, I thought I would check those out too. It would appear that those tracks have just been lifted straight from the older releases and placed on the album. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it would have been nice to hear a little variation on those tracks. Surely fans who are already familiar with the EPs would have liked some diversity.

All that said though, the album is fairly solid, I just don’t see any genre jumping. It seems a pretty straight up heavy rock band to me, with the occasional drop of aggression levels to add some piano melodies into the mix. After what I read about the album, I wanted Tied Down to be exciting, but I just found it a little bit boring. The instrumentation takes backstage to Maja’s vocals – and while her vocals are strong with a range that allows her to seamlessly go from screaming her heart out, to soft melodies, the focus just seems too much on the vocals. The instrumentation is downplayed, and while we are treated to a few dribs and drabs of interesting guitar work, or some rocking drum grooves, it all too quickly is taken away.

Tied Down is a good album for what it is. As a heavy rock album it does its job. All the right boxes are ticked. It’s a fine album to add to your collection if you just want to add some more hard rock to your catalogue. It’s just not as exciting as others would have you believe.


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