Rival Fire – Riot

Rival Fire RiotMelbourne trio Rival Fire are getting ready to release their full length album later this year, but not content with waiting, they have released an EP as an appetiser until the full course.

Riot is one of those releases that from the moment you hit play there is an instant attraction. It’s only 4 tracks (well 5, but the last is just a clean version of “Riot”) but it packs one hell of a punch. The title track opens the EP with a heavy bass foundation that adds a perfect dance element to the rock that storms in at the chorus. The four tracks definitely demonstrate Rival Fire’s ability to maintain a perfect balance of rock, emotion, and uplifting dancey (that’s a word, right?) beats.

Riot reminds me a lot of the music I loved as an early teenager. I’m talking Finger Eleven and Three Days Grace’s self-titled albums. I loved those two records – and still do. Both Finger Eleven and Three Days Grace though, never remained the same after those albums and so I lost interest. And now we have Rival Fire who have captured this bygone era of music so perfectly. They seem to have captured this sound from early 2000’s, and of course added a modern a flavour to be relevant, and in turn released an EP that has me wishing it was their full length album.

Rival Fire have showcased their talents perfectly on this EP with “Take The Fall” showing off their intricate guitar work, and “All By Yourself” highlighting their ability to slow things down with a more ballady (this is a word too, right?) type track.

At only four tracks long this EP definitely has you wishing for more, and hopefully it won’t be too late into 2016 that we see Rival Fire’s full length album. Any one of these songs would fit perfectly on a radio playlist, so don’t be surprised when Rival Fire become a household name.



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