Animal House – Sorry EP

sorry-ep-cover-artworkBritpop still seems to be quite an obsession for many Australians, as a lot of indie/garage bands adopt that ’90s Britpop sound. Animal House is one such band – starting out in Brisbane, they took the Britpop obsession further by moving on over to the UK to continue their music career.

After finally setting in the UK following some issues with UK visas, they are ready to release their debut EP Sorry. What are they sorry for? Apparently it’s a sorry to their friends and families who thought they would lead a comfortable life in Australia, but instead they took a chance at making music in the UK. Not so sure they are actually sorry at all – or at least maybe they are sorry for creating an EP of nothing but earworms.

Sorry should come with a guarantee (or warning?) that you are bound to get at least one track stuck in your head for days after listening. But hey – at least the songs are good. Nothing worse than getting a crap song stuck in your head for days. The EP is perfect for pairing with a beer and a BBQ and with the release coming just in time for Australia’s summer – the boys couldn’t have planned it better.

While the EP is full of tongue in cheek lyrics, and a party “just messing around” vibe – Sorry is the band’s most mature offering. That rough garage sound is still there, but it is more polished – without sounding too perfect. Sorry shows growth from the boys as they develop their sound and the band. Animal House clearly know how to balance professionalism with hedonism and it’s great!

Sorry is punchy, short and sweet – but a full length album definitely wouldn’t overstay its welcome. For a week I have had these 5 tracks playing on repeat – and I am still not bored of them. Animal House are definitely on to a winning formula here and one thing I can be sure of is that they will be a staple at all of my BBQ’s this summer.


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