Rk Ally – Demo

As a 27 year old, I missed out on some great moments in music history. One of those moments was the riot grrrl movement. Sure, it started in the early ’90s, but so did I, and when I did start to get into music, I was all about the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. The riot grrrl movement was important for female musicians, and just women in general. It was a time to show that women could express themselves in music the same way as men – that man or woman – that should not affect just how hard you rock.

So it is when I come across bands such as Sydney’s latest local talent Rk Ally that I feel like I haven’t completely missed this great moment in musical history. Reminiscent of Bikini Kill and early Hole, Rk Ally are bringing the riot grrrl movement to people like me, who weren’t around for its origins. It would be nice to say the movement isn’t needed anymore. That women have reached true equality in the world of music, but unfortunately, that is just not that case; so we need bands like Rk Ally to keep it alive – and show young girls in today’s world that they don’t need to fit a certain mould, that they can break conventions and be whoever the hell they want to be.

Not only is Rk Ally continuing an important movement, they sound damn great. The EP is exactly what it says – a demo. It was recorded live in about 8 hours and then mastered at The Brain Studios – it doesn’t have a polished finish though, and that is what I like best about it. The rough, garage sound of tracks adds an authenticity that I love to hear in music. It is in fact one of my favourite things to hear on a record. Sure, when an album has been mixed, recorded, mastered and polished to near perfection it sounds amazing. But, it is truth that I want to hear. And that is what Rk Ally have achieved across these 5 tracks.

Opening song “Arasmas” starts off quiet, with some minimal guitar work, but that doesn’t last long. By the time we get to the third track, “Moga Land”, there is no holding back and it’s an onslaught of guitar, bass and drums, as the harsh vocals keep up in superb fashion.

This demo suits well as an introduction to the band, but I feel that to be even better acquainted, they are the type of band that needs to be seen live. It’s just the type of music better suited to a dark pub, the smell of beer hanging in the air, as the crowd riots with the band. That said, I definitely look forward to hearing what else they have to offer in the world of recorded music – I just hope they keep that rough, garage sound. Rk Ally needs to keep it real.


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